My dog is still a Hipster


Hipster dogs, and other stories

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Hipster-dogI thought it was a phase, she is young, I went through a gothic phase when I was a teenager; but no, Pipa, my dog, is still a Hipster.

– She has bought one pair of those big headphones, at least she will not get cold now that winter is approaching.

– She has bought a broken and old iPod, she says is vintage.

– She has created a great collection of thick-framed glasses so she can wear a different pair each day of the week.

– She showers once a week,  she is saving the planet.

– She no longer reads Dostoyevsky, it has become too mainstream.

I do not know what to do, I still love her, but I cannot hug her as I used too, she does not smell that well anymore.

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Stupid things I did Today


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broken-phone-rice-fixLast weekend I went to the beach, to Alicante. My sister, who lives in London, had come with her husband and their baby to a wedding. While they were in the wedding, my parents, other sister and I, acted as nannies for little Nico. We decided to go to the beach to properly start the Summer season. It was th
e first time that Pipa, my dog, yeah, the hipster one, went to the beach. Such important event needed to be recorded for the future, so I snapped as many pictures I could with my phone.

At a time, I had to run after the baby, as he was running deeper into the sea. Nico was fine, giggling and making cute baby noises, my phone ended deep into the water. I left Nico with my mum, and ran to dry the phone as best as I could. I have heard many times that if you put a soaked device into rice, the rice will retain the humidity and it could be fixed. I also have heard another funnier explanation for this remedy, if you leave the bowl with dry rice, at night the rice will attract Asians who will fix your electronics for you.

Nevertheless, when we arrived home, I say to myself, why not give it a try? It could not be worse, after all it has been full of seawater and sand.

I left the phone without the battery all night inside the bowl of rice, prayed to the broken devices god and went to bed. The dog-seaday after I reassembled it, and it was working!

I was so pleased that jumped and did a little happy dance. Thanks God for good old home remedies that actually work!

I am driver!


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porsche-car-driver-licenseI know it seems weird that a full grown-up four and twenty years old woman did not have her driving license, but you know, I like to do things differently. So, if you see a fluffy-haired crazy Spaniard driving a Porsche, it probably won’t be me, unfortunately, I don’t have that kind of money.


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