My dog is an astronaut


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dog-astronaut-humorIt happened a few days ago. I received a call from a weird number. At first I could not understand anything, but when someone finally started talking, I simply could not believe what my ears where about to hear.

The call was from a secret organism that was recruiting candidates for a new space mission. My first reaction was to laugh, thinking that it was a joke from one of my friends, but when the man started to talk about personal files and data that only the government could know, I started to believe that all was true.

It was a secret mission orchestrated by Spain, USA and UK. They wanted to use a spanish newbie so it would not raise any suspicions. But still, they had another surprise, they did not want me, they wanted my dog Pipa to do all the hard work.

I had a big dilemma, she wanted to go, she wanted to feel important and do something for her country. On the other hand, she could die there, alone and lost forever.

I told them I needed a few days for her to consider. On the third day, I received another call, they wanted an answer. Pipa, the dog that used to be a hipster, was going to risk her life, for all of us. I cannot express how sad I am that she is ploughing through the firmament, but what I cannot also express how proud I am of her.

Merry Christmas / Feliz Navidad to Y´All!


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merry-christmas-dogI hope you all enjoy these festive days, eat a lot, do not choke on the pudding, rest, have fun, and create lovely memories with your beloved ones.

P.S. If you won the Christmas lottery, do send me a present!

Jump Around II


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jump-around-love-jumpingA while ago, I did a post on my love of jumping.

Nothing has really changed. I still feel the joy of being truly free, even if it is just for a few seconds. Whether I do it alone, or accompanied by someone, I can´t help it, I love jumping.

I have been really lucky, I have got myself a nice collection of jumping-around pictures in different countries. I think it is a great way of discovering them from a new perspective.

I still believe that if someone would ask me which power I would like to have, the answer will still be without hesitation, flying.

Someone may say that I want to keep my head on the clouds, but is not that what life is about? Dreams?


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