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       First of all, let me introduce myself.My name is Carmen, I am from Spain,well actually I am espanish, as so many had told me kindly, and most of the times laughing, that we Spaniards tend to, or at least I do, to put and “e” before the s. Some say that it is annoying, some say it is cute, I am sticking to the cuteness part.

I have been wanting to write down all the marvellous, funny and weird things, hopefully the weird accounts will decrease in the future, that had happened to me since I arrived at Atlanta last August. As many of my fellow students will know, college in America becomes your best friend, and your worst enemy at the same time, you start to discover that sleeping is overrated, that your teachers believe that you are superhuman, and therefore, can write five papers in the same week, and that you cannot eat enough cereal for breakfast/lunch/dinner/in between. Because of this, I have been delaying putting my words and thoughts in paper, but I realised, that the semester is almost over, and well, better start late, that never start at all.So here we go, all the ramblings, and things that come to my mind that make my life in  USA a daily adventure.