I was in Facebook, I know, a guilty pleasure, but counting the corners in my room, staring at the ceiling, or better, reading what my friends, and random people I only speak with in FB, is much better than trying to write a paper in stuff that I don´t really care about. Well, one of my sisters, have written that she was eager to meet Pipa, that is the name of the puppy that hopefully is gonna be part of our family in the immediate future, I was asking her, when was that cutie going to appear in our home, when suddenly, my other sister, wrote me that I really had to call my mum, because she was trying to send me money to pay for my boarding´costs, but the Bank told her that she couldn´t, because there was a mexican girl, with the exact name as me, with an arrest warrant issued by the American Authorities, and because of that, this same Authorities denied the to accept the transference in my name.
At first, when I saw it, I thought it was a joke,and therefore, I laughed out aloud, I mean, you can´t really tell when you see something written in FB if it, is ironic or not, but then, I started to see the clues that draw me to  the conclusion that this funny statement might be true. Well,first, she had written it in capital letters, and some people use that resource to emphasize, and others, just because they are annoying, really annoying, but afterwards she confirmed that it was true.
It is not ironic that in my last post I was wishing that not more weird things would happen to me?, Well I am positive that this, is the weirdest by far.
PD: Dear American Authorities, yes, I am Spanish, but not Mexican, and my name is well the most spanish one you can´t encounter, but I swear that I haven´t done anything against the law, at least, that I remember.
PD2: This is Pipa, and Lanita, my latest dog that unfortunately died this month, you are still in our hearts!.