Thanksgiving is almost here, finally! I am ready for a break, and for celebrating this american tradition, with a beloved american family, and I am really going to enjoy a real meal outside the well, just say interesting, and sometimes not so bad, food at Emerson´s cafeteria. At the rhythm of leaves falling, families all over the country start to stuff their fridges with yummy treats, that would make cry of joy even the most pompous chefs in the world.

But it is undeniable that there is only one true main character in this celebration: The turkey. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture,more than 45 million of turkeys are stuffed, eaten and cooked (not necessarily in that order), for the sake of the festivities.

Last week, they did a Thanksgiving lunch in the cafeteria. People say it was delicious. I don´t know, if seems that me ha mirado un tuerto. For those that are spanish challenged, it´s a spanish say that means you have bad luck. Seriously, why can´t Murphy be my friend?, he has never been my best buddy, but sometimes it would be appreciated if his stupid, and sadly certain rules wouldn´t always become  true. It was one of those days, that I had to finish a paper, and I thought that I didn´t have enough time to go to the cafeteria, so I just ate something in my room. And of course the day I not eat in the cafeteria, the food is delicious, awesome.

In other thoughts, I haven´t seen the Ogleturkey in a while. Should I be concern for his life? maybe he is just hiding until Christmas, oh well, I am not sure if Americans eat turkey then too. Never mind, it was good to know you, and if you are still alive, dear Ogleturkey, tell your buddies to run for their lives!