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          Thanksgiving break is here, finally!I´ve had a smile plastered in my face since yesterday, and I think it´s going to be there until the end of the week when I have to return to Hogwarts. No, I haven´t become crazy with the Hatty Potter mania, even if I can say now to my grandchildren that I watched a real Quidditch game, well as one of the players told me with an extremely serious face, is the same as in the books, but without actually flying( he really had a serious face, and I was pinching myself trying not to start laughing ). Well, it was and enticing experience, to see my fellow colleagues, and even my roommate Annie (  she was the best of the players), running with a broom between their legs.

Well, I came to Saint Louis by plane, and as most people know airports are such funny places. So I arrived really, really early to the airport and decided the best idea was to get the police control done, as soon as possible. So I started to take my clothes off, literally, if they had put the soundtrack from Pretty Woman, it would have been a great moment, instead, I had to hear a not so nice police woman yelling at me : “come on girl, hurry up, your belongings are all over the place”, I wanted to give a retort, such as “so, sue me”, but watching her grim face I was not entirely confident that she would not do exactly that.

 As my boarding gate wasn´t announced yet, I walked, and walked through the airport.  I even saw a woman who was running just for exercise, well at least I suppose she was, she didn´t have any luggage and she was wearing a track suit and trainers.Who knew you could have such a good workout in that place?

All in all, and after being stuffed as a sardine in a can in the plane,all  I can say is that I am so happy to be here again, and I am really eager to experience Thanksgiving for the first time with Mike, Cindy and all their family.