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Well, ladies and gentlemen, now, I can proudly put  in my resume that I know how to stuff a turkey!Let the the job hunting begin! When they ask me, “how can you contribute to this position”, I would say with a confident smile formed in my lips, “- I know how to stuff a turkey”. With this answer, we have two possible scenarios, first, they can be left speechless and therefore, I can keep talking about my marvelous qualities, or they can be delighted, because, who doesn´t like a person who knows how to stuff a turkey?

I am in Atlanta again, after a too short, but great time in STL, I came back to the state proud of his peaches. Hogwarts is almost empty, and thanks to this gloomy weather it really looks like that Harry Potter is going to pop out from nowhere, and ask me, hopefully, with a perfect British accent, “would you like going out for a couple of butter beers?”

Nevertheless, holidays are time to spend with family, and I had the great opportunity to celebrate my first Thanksgiving, with Mike and Cindy´s. I woke up really early, and dressed in a really stylish outfit, bear pyjama pants and college t-shirt,and I successfully helped to stuff my first turkey.

PD: For even a better time as you can see in the photo below, it snowed, it was sadly only by about five minutes. But those who have met me, know how a sucker for snow I am. And after reading what I wrote, I found that I really focus on me stuffing a turkey, but hey, don´t blame me, I am proud!;)