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First of all, let me remind you that I am from Spain, and proud of it, but after reading the newspaper, I am a bit scared to say where I am from because of this  fellow Spaniard.

I don´t know if you have heard (if not, open your ears to what can be called  the event of the millennium) but after billions of years, the Sun has an owner!And who is it?, you may ask, well, her name is Angeles Durán,  and she is from Galicia, in the north of my country. Apparently, she says she is going to charge everybody for using the Sun. Ja! At least she says she is going to give some of the profits to the Spanish government, thanks God!, we could really use that money now.

After reading her explanation, I can finally release the breath I didn´t know I was holding. She told the papers that she got this, let say,shrewd idea, from an American citizen that is supposed to be the registered as the owner of the moon and most planets in our solar system. Phew, for a moment, I thought I found someone crazier that an American; no offence, I´ve met wonderful people here that are not crazy at all (well maybe a bit, but aren´t we all a little bit crazy?), but  too many weird things happened to me since I came.

So when I get sunburned and end looking like a crab from the 80s, or when I get all moody and cranky because the clouds are shadowing the sky, or when I am forced to see a really old, and really tanned man, with the smallest trunks  and the more hair gel in his head the better, in the beach flirting with me, can I sue her?

Well, if you happen to watch, or read in the news about this crazy woman, please try to remember all the important things, that we Spaniards are famous for: Paella, tortilla, olive oil, sangría, wine… and did someone say F I E S T A ?