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Well it is officially 5:30 AM, and I cannot sleep. After a fun time with my roommates overstuffing the Christmas tree with ornaments in all sorts of colours( they forced me to do it I swear! we don´t do that crazy stuff in my country),and a bird on top of course, we are talking about OgleChristmas here, no matter that petrels, how can I say this in a tactful manner?, might not exist anymore. Whatever, we do love our birds. Well, never mind, I decided it was time to start writing my paper. Yeah, I know, such and interesting twist of fate.

Let´s say it was difficult to start, to say the least. I ended it almost at 3:30,and decided that it was time to finally give it a call for the day. But the Moraie (those funny-looking sisters that every time they appeared, played with an eye in the Hercules Disney Movie) were seeing a complete different future for me. I tried all the tricks I knew to fall sleep,I tried to hypnotize myself (I really don´t see myself as a prospective Copperfield) and I counted so many sheep that you could populate all the United Kingdom and more.

When it looked that I was a moment from drifting into sleep, the Universal Flood started. It was 4 something when it started  raining cats and dogs. I looked out of my window, and all I could see was heavy drops of water clouding my vision. Should I start pairing couples of animals?Does the ogleturkey have a lady friend, is he still even alive? Or should I leave this to the professionals and wait for Noah to bring his Ark? I don´t know, I suppose I have to expect the unexpected…