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There´s only one week left of school, and then, the feared final exams. In my case, I´ve only got one. Yay! No, I´m kidding, I only have one test, but then I am going to be buried in all the papers I have to come up with. I believe that with all the writing I have done this semester, and all the pages I have to fill with my undoubtedly high prose and charm, for the next two weeks, I could reforest the Amazon jungle and more.

And then there is the problem concerning the cookies and songs. Let me explain.  How can I concentrate in anything remotely academic, when there is a table full of all  the kinds of amazing Christmas cookies that your imagination can grasp, and in my head I keep seeing bells jingling, and when I am looking forward to experience what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh.

So really, how can I come up with a virtue that Aristotle did not think about?, when what I really want to do now is to sprinkle my life with sugar, and most importantly,how can I do anything else, when Santa Claus is coming to town?


PD1:Am I turning into the Cookie Monster?

PD2: For those that want to live Christmas spirit at it´s best, here is a page with all the most famous carols´lyrics. http://www.christmas-carols.net/