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     Please, what you are going to read right now, has to be kept as a secret between you and me. I was rewriting a paper in the library when something magical happen. I know, there is nothing as sad as spending a friday afternoon, under the scrutiny of the neon light of the library´24 hours room . I was watching the sky and trees  through the window beside my desk, with desperate longing of being anywhere but here, when and unexpected visitor arrived and  lift my spirits. Who knew Santa was a OgleStudent?

In another train of thoughts, I was driving with a friend to see Tangled ( must see it! : I want that horse, and also the drunk cupid in my life), when we were stopped by a bunch of people in the middle of the highway. At first, we thought they were selling something, or that maybe it was some kind of weird artistic performance( my major is Fine Arts, trust me, I´ve seen a lot of weird stuff made for the sake of Art), and then we saw that they were looking for something ,well actually for someone, a dog. A beautiful, huggable, tall as horse dog, that was running as if he didn´t have a care in the world. Seriously, how many people does it take to catch a dog? There were at least 10 persons running in the middle of the street stopping the traffic in both ways. Finally we could find our destination and see the marvelous movie mentioned above, but I really wonder what happened to the dog, and most importantly, dear OgleSanta, are you gonna bring me the horse?