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        There is something that has been nagging me at the back of my ears since the first step I took in this campus. I´ve seen a bunch of people wearing their pyjama pants everywhere, and when I say everywhere I really mean everywhere, from doing the laundry, to eat in the cafeteria, to go to class, they wear their flannel pants proudly and don´t look back. No matter the time, the place, or the day, they wear their pyjamas all the way.

Seriously, how long does it take to change into jeans? Maybe it is because I am not American, and I don´t understand the pjs´chic trend that is so popular here. It is a fashion statement that I am not aware of  to wear your pajamas, paired with a hoodie (one with the Oglethorpe birdie if you really want to step up your game) and a pair of Uggs boots?

I mean, I do know there a lot of really cute pyjamas´bottoms, I am the proud owner of ones with the cutest orange bears (who doesn´t love orange bears?), but I reserve them for the solitude of my room, and for special occasions such as stuffing a turkey in Thanksgiving(Proud to be stuffed!).

And there is an important question to raise. If I do start wearing my pyjamas to class, should I start dusting my tux off to use it in bed?