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Before you draw the conclusion that I´ve been listening too much to the song It´s rainning men, or all the things that your dirty mind can come up with, let me tell you the story.

After such a productive day spent in the Mall buying some presents, and after eating too much brownies (even if you can never get enough chocolate, well, I can´t) in dinner, I thought I should do some exercise. So I braved the cold( for those who haven´t noticed, and still wear flip-flops and shorts, it IS freezing outside)and went to the gym.

I was reading Nicomachean Ethics while pedaling in the bike (Hey! I am a woman, and we are genetically programmed to multitask), when I noticed that something was happening in the floor below. There were a lot of adorable old ladies and gentlemen dancing to the tune of Pretty Woman Soundtrack. It is needless to say, that some of them,I am going to say it nicely because of the Christmas Spirit and all,were less gracious that others. But nevertheless, that is when it struck me, that I really wanted to be there with them, and that is when it comes the  part that I want a man, well, what I really want is a dance partner.

PD: If you are dying to know who are the members of the handsome couple above, it´s me, the marvelous writer, and my Dad, that if you haven´t noticed, is Fred Astaire reincarnated.