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This is the chorus of a really, really big song, in my country, I am not entirely sure if it is popular too in America. Nevertheless, check the video at the bottom, is a great tune if you are into moving your head back and forth and do it again,and if you want to have a  catchy song stuck in your mind for ages. Moreover, as the lyrics don´t make sense at all, it really fits my mood right now. 

I found today, that I can´t articulate any coherent word in English anymore, well actually neither I do in Spanish. When I start talking, what I do is babble as if I was little kid spilling his first words to the world. It is extremely discouraging and frustrating, when I have to fill pages, and pages with my undoubtedly great prose, so I can finish all the papers due the following weeks.

My brain cells (well, the ones that still function) keep telling me that they need a vacation, and I keep bribing them with coffee and chocolate,but they are a little bit sneaky and with a really twisted sense of humor, so it seems that they´ve decided that when I really need to have all my wits, they are going on a strike and are not going to cooperate. Any suggestions?

PD:Beth, my roommate, is reading this book. It totally describes my feelings right now.  Euripides=genius.