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Woah, that was great. If you are imagining me running and screaming as if I was  a crazy Spaniard, it´s OK, because that´s exactly what I am doing right now.

Yesterday was our last day of classes. Yupi!, this semester is finally over.Ja!, there is only a little grey clouding my shining happiness: PAPERS. I am starting to hate that word. I feel that it has been my partner for ages. Every time I talk to anybody and they ask me, what are you doing?, my automatic response is, I´m working on a paper, and you know what, that answer simply suck.

In merrier tunes, today was Oglechristmas!.Beth and Annie, my roomies, (if you haven´t had the marvelous opportunity to meet them, do it!)came to my room at a totally indecent hour, well it was 9 am, but I didn´t fell asleep until 5, so I hope you understand my reluctance to leave the realm of my bed. Nevertheless, they are so clever, and told me there were presents and chocolate pretzels awaiting for me. Who can resist that?( If you can, I am sorry to tell you, but you are NOT normal!)

I received a giant cup, chocolate, and tea = the perfect surviving kit for overcoming the exams´week.

PD:I know everybody is frantic with work, either with papers, exams or any other type of activity you are worried about, I´ve got these, I hope, wise words for you : YOU CAN DO IT!