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               So, I went to check my mailbox today. I know it sounds boring, but it has to be done. Besides the typical letter from Oglethorpe threatening me that if I don´t promise them my first-born child, or any other type of payment, they are going to stop providing me with the outstanding food of the cafeteria( By the way,dear cook, I know this is going to sound as an outrageous suggestion, but there are other forms of cooking vegetables besides immersing them in a pool of butter and pepper). Could your imagination ever grasp a worst scenario ? I found this:

As you´ll expect, a smile immediately approached my lips; erasing even if it only for a moment,the zombiesque and the kinda I am going either to punch you or fall asleep in your arms expression, that is going to be printed in my face until the end of this next week.It never cease to amaze me, how simple gestures as receiving a postcard can make your day.Thanks to my sister Angy, and her husband Dani for lifting the spirits of this troubled college student.

PD: If you want to reach me, I´ll be in the library hibernating(I always wanted to be the Coca-Cola bear), in a vain attempt of surviving the impending days full of being Sleeping Sleep-less Beauty.