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                My brain is in overload. I feel like I am in a state of permanent drunkenness.


For Christmas last year, my sisters gave me this Ipod( and no, Apple, is not sponsoring this post, I wish!). It would seem that is a pretty common MP3 player, but don´t get deceived by appearances, because this is a special device indeed. Not only its colour matches my personality, but also you can see there is something engraved in its´back : “Creativity takes Courage.” Words spoken by the Fauvist genius Henry Matisse.

Even if you are not an artist, I bet that you have found yourself in a situation in which creativity is needed. In my case I do need a lot courage, and a visit for the Muses would be highly appreciated too…

PD:Sorry for the slightly blurred picture, see the drunkenness mentioned above.