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I feel like I am going utterly and irrevocably crazy, I think I hear my bed calling for me in a mellow and lulling voice, and saying it in spanish indeed! Who knew beds could be polyglots?

My mind is rebelling and keeps drifting to those places in which my imagination is both the queen and the king, and if I have not make myself clear enough, there is NOT space for anything remotely related to school.

By the way dear odious cafeteria, I know I should tell you more often, I HATE YOU!. There was not trace of cookies today, and I really need cookies right now.

PS: I am making weird faces to the fish, and they are answering back, it is pretty amusing but scary at the same time. I thought my only talent for speaking with animals was my duck whispering fixation.

PS2: Today is the “National Hug a stressed College student Day.” If you see me: DO IT!