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Ayyyy, I wistfully sighed in spanish(Clair this is for you) this morning at 6 am. I am feeling grumpy, and cold. Besides my permanent apparent state of drunkenness, my violent instincts have upper themselves another notch, that I even punched someone. Well I did not, but I really wanted to, and when I say really, I mean it with capital letters. In my defence, let´s say it was not totally uncalled for.

I spoke with my best friends Ale & Eli yesterday. Even if their names should suggest they are the members of a comic duo; they are not. Not that funny. I was so happy and so frustrated at the same time, I wanted to give them a big polar bear hug, but alas, we resorted to hug our respectives´computers (Dear Skype, you are such a failure, there should be a hugging application for the estranged people across each side of the Pond). At some point of our conversation they let me that I love you message. I don´t want to get pretty emotional, it is too early, so I´ll just tell you… Pero te quiero…

When I walked into the bathroom this morning, I saw this message written by my undoubtedly marvellous and gorgeous roomie Annie (I would never, ever, punch her). Thank you for the motto, I will keep repeating it until tomorrow at 17:30 when my last exam will finally be over.

By the way, I believe the unthinkable happened last night. I did eat too much brownies.