Finally! This semester is over. I feel like I have not slept for years, but I don´t care, because this is the end, finito, c´est fini, FIN!

But everything is not painted in pink hues in my life right now. On the one hand, I am so eager to go to Madrid to see my family, to see my friends (so they can call me Mari Loles and have a real fiesta),to meet my puppy Pipa, and to eat food. My mouth literally waters when I think about a spanish home-cooked meal.

On the other hand, I am going to miss all the people who would not be here next semester. My partners in adventure, Lidia and Catherine, they are going to España! ( I know, bad timing, I love them nonetheless, but hopefully we´ll meet there); all the bunch of Internationals, that have imbued Oglethorpe with  100% European craziness, especially you, Steeve, even if you are going to keep making fun of my espanish accent, you are gonna be my petit cochon forever and ever.

And last but not least, my roomies, I know I am going to see you next year, but I am going to miss so much. Beth´s laughter, Clair reprimanding me because I drank so much tea that day, and exchanging multilingual messages with Annie in the mirror. And of course Talo, who could forget him? (giant pink elephant that is living in our common room. Long story).

All in all, this has been a pretty awesome semester, and hopefully next one will be better; and remember dear Atlanta: I´LL BE BACK!(next year)