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  1. Guys that  use their hands-free device in their phones while staring directly at you. If you move, they follow you with their gaze too.
  2. Indians guys that appear from nowhere and wish you Merry Xmas in all the languages known to Mankind, will insisting that you should drink a glass of champagne, immediately.
  3. People that go through the police control at the airport not realising that if they keep things in their pockets as if they were the lost cousin of Mary Poppins bag, the scanner is going to keep blinking, repeatedly.
  4. Guys that look like the Spoon murderer( scary, trust me)
  5. Spiders in general, except the one in Harry Potter, that was cute in a creepy kind of way.
  6. Mirrors, who´s that scary girl staring back at me?
  7. Fish, they are much more intelligent and machiavellic that people give them credit for.
  8. Papers, those nasty and hateful creatures.
  9. Exit signs. They are so impolite, always inviting you to go away.
  10. People working on the Xmas shift that are cheerful and smiling. Beware of them, they are thinking of all the possible ways of killing you the moment you turn your back on them.
  11. Indians waiters that when you ask them of a glass of water, throw champagne over themselves without a turning a hair or even batting an eyelash.
  12. How do I phrase this in a not mean way. supposedly grow-up womans, that wear her bottle-blonde hair, fake bosom, botoxed expression, mini skirts, I am gonna burst out-top, impossible high heels, and the cherry on top deer headband, while drinking her asses of in the lounge of the airport.
  13. And finally the funniest and creepiest by far, when grandma Barbie and indian guy meet, and the world simply collides!