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Departure boards at Heathrow airport today1)After being vegetating hours and hours in the airport I finally arrived in Madrid. My flight was delayed of course, I almost went insane, well to be crazy is imprinted in my nature so I am not entirely sure how more crazy I could get.  When I arrived in Barajas, I waited for my luggage in vain, as an early Xmas present, the airport´ staff thought it would be funny to misplace it. Do you see me even cracking a smile, because I assure you that I am not.

2)I thought I would never say this, but Dear Snow, we have to talk. My sister Ángela and her husband Daniel are not with me in this moment, and it is all your fault. They were supposed to have been here for hours, and instead of that, they are going to be in Heathrow all night long. If you want us to be friends again, and compensate me for my sister and brother-in-law less afternoon, I really hope that you stop your whining at once.