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I had my first real fiesta yesterday with my friends. It was awesome! Oh how I missed the delicious beverage called sangría, well I missed my buddies too, just a tiny bit. We laughed, we danced until dawn and we kept dancing again while getting soaked in the wild and treacherous weather.

It is needless to say that I feel like my bones are about to melt. I woke up at 14:30, went to lunch and then I have not done anything productive whatsoever. I´ve been playing with Pipa, having conversations with my family about the important matters in life, aka, can you pass me the remote control, the soap opera is going to start soon. Talking about that soap opera, it is simply hilarious. The plot is fascinating to the point that I´ve been glued to the sofa all afternoon. It is a production, in which there is a mixture between people acting as if they were arabic, with a south american accent, with the heavy makeup, insalah and all the stuff; and then, suddenly a gorgeous woman and a shirtless guy appear running in the beaches of Florida. It is fascinating to say the least.

All in all, we have exquisite pearls of wisdom such as – Mr Ali, cómo le va or – Le voy a decir a Mohammed que me lleve al mall ese que le dice. To the rhythm of the soundtrack filled with habibis, ahhhhhs, sighs, nonsensical words both in spanish and in arabic. So much fun.

PD: Did I mention that there is a character that looks suspiciously alike to Mammy from Gone with the wind, but instead of saying Señorita Escaarlattaaaa/Miss Scarlett, she is saying Miss Amina. Precious!