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  • Drink. It is ok, furthermore, it is absolutely necessary that you imbibe until the next year comes. Even if you are not used to drown your sorrows in the spirits, it is utterly vital that you start right NOW, you will need it.
  • Prepare yourself to be eating all day long. Do not take breaks, if you stop, you will have to catch up later, and is not pretty, not pretty at all.
  • Do not make promises you are not going to keep. So please do not tell the kids that Santa Claus will appear through the chimney, he is a thinness-challenged person, even with all the magic in the world he will not be able to fit through such a narrow space.
  • Develop a sound proof shield. It should protect you from caustic comments, especially the ones that involve your romantic status, coming from those lovely creatures known as “relatives”.
  • Keep drinking, it will be the cure for all your ailments, even the ones caused for spending too much time with your family.
  • Take long naps. Between being inebriated and sleeping the rest all the time, the holidays will pass in a haze, and you will be able to proudly and with your head high, announce to the World: I have survived Christmas and with my family indeed!