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First of all, I should tell you something that you must not have heard yet : Feliz Año/ Happy New Year/Sana Saida/Bonne Année/Felice Anno Nuovo!, sorry, I do not speak any more languages.

I woke up at the early hours of 6 pm by my dearest puppy Pipa nibbling on my hair, I believe I have already commented on her hair fetish. I have the smallest hangover known to mankind. I did wear read underwear, I did not choke on the grapes, I did drink from a glass filled with champagne and rings, and thanks to one of my lovely relatives, one of those rings whereabouts will remain unknown for the foreseen future.

By the way, as the blood of Spanish Conquerors runs through my veins, I have accepted the excruciating challenge of writing a post a day. If you feel adventurous enough, yo should go to http://dailypost.wordpress.com/, and do it too!