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Today is such a special day in the homes all over the Bull Skin. Before I tell you why, there is a statement that should remain clear: we Spaniards are much more intelligent than the rest of the world. Before you put your hands in the air with a reprobate air filling your lungs, and a scowl forming in your lips; you must understand that with this maxim, I am not being over patriotic and /or a peremptory/pompous little Spaniard, in a more  few words you will understand the quid/crux of the matter.

In my country, we have the following tradition: Instead of having a thin-challenged bearded man struggling to fit through a chimney, we have the Three Wise Men, that after had adored baby Jesus, take the Star and in the night between the 5th and the 6th, mount on their scintillating camels, and come to our houses to bring us the awaited presents. Therefore, you can see why we are so much better, because we have three, instead of one person bringing us the gifts, and they are kings on top. By the way,  because of this festivity, we have longer vacations too!

PS: If you have been naughty do not expect los Reyes Magos to be merciful, they will give you coal, sweet one, but coal nonetheless!

PS2: Balthasar, you are still my favourite!                  http://www.yosoydelosreyesmagos.com/