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I am so outraged, tired, pissed-of. My blood is vibrating with SO MUCH exacerbated rage that I might explode, or kill someone, specially if that someone, is one certain impolite, rude, uninformed manager of the Delta Airlines staff in JFK.

Let me start from the beginning (beware this is going to be a post plagued with pulsating wrath and murdering thoughts). If everything has been as should have been, by this time I would have been sleeping placidly in my bed in the college dorms. But no, it seems as if a one-eye person, not, a bunch of them, are staring directly at me with no mercy at all (Spanish saying for when you are having really bad luck).

I took my flight from Madrid to New York at 14:40ish (8:30 am NY time). Of course the flight was delayed, it would have been so strange if it had been on time( It should have taken off at 13:40).

One thing I really want to clarify before continuing with this story, is that I really like babies, I like their rosy cheeks, stumpy limbs and infectious laugh. I might reconsider this statement after what happened to me yesterday. Where I was seated, there were a couple of families, most of them had well-behaved and well-educated kids as it should be, except one. Two rows in front of mine, there was a smart dressed couple. They had two babies. Well, those lovely creatures, did not stop crying /whining/ breaking the ears of the entire group of passengers that wanted to rest in peace, during the whole flight. On top of that, they were twins, therefore they reciprocated each others shouts, and I believe I have not stressed this enough, they did NOT stop for a second during the approximately eight hours flight. Their parents did not do anything. It was as if they were oblivious to the situation. I caught a lot of justified murderous gazes to them, coming from some of my fellows partners in the suffering. Well, they remained undaunted. I really think those babies would make excellent opera singers in the future.

As you would imagine a headache of unknown measurements was being created, and it is needless to say, that I could NOT  abandoned myself to Morpheo´s arms even for a moment. When we finally arrived, I had to get through security and then wait and wait for my luggage to appear in the baggage claim. When I finally retried my personal belongings, I went to the other terminal in order to check in, and take the plane that would fly me to Atlanta. JA!, how gullible of me!

When I tried one of those machines to do the check in, I could not do it, so I asked one of the staff for help, he asked me which was my destination. I told him it was Atlanta, and he told me the flight was cancelled, and that I should ask in Delta´s check in desks. When it was my turn, I show them the confirmation that Delta have sent to me my email with my seat and everything on point just a couple of hours before, and they told me that the flight was cancelled indeed, and they have rescheduled it for Tuesday. As you would imagine, my temper was starting to raise by huge amounts. I reiterated them that I had to take that flight because I was supposed to start classes today. They sent me to talk to  the manager. And those murdering thoughts I mentioned before, started to form again.

I explained my situation to him, that I had come from Spain (hello? in the other side of the freaking pond!), and that nobody, NOBODY, has informed me that my flight was cancelled and reschedule for two days later. He was really rude, and in colloquial words, he did not give a damn about my becoming. After a few heated words, he finally agreed and put me in the flight that in theory should have taken of at 5 am. I asked if the company would cover the hotel, and he laughed at my face.

By this time, tears were threatening to escape from the realm of my eyes, mixed with a huge impulse of punching him in the face. I did not, my parents taught me better. But my oh my, how I wanted it to!

I went to Iberia(the air company that brought me in first place) help desks and explained my situation. I do not know if it was because of my red and tired eyes, or because of my I´m going to kill someone smirk, but they kindly took pity on me, and arranged a reservation in a hotel near the airport.

You would think that the Journey from Hell would have been finished by now for this little Spaniard. Do not be fooled, it continues.

I checked the information in Delta´s webpage at 12 pm, and the flight was delayed until 5:30 am. I checked again at  3, and it had been delayed until 7:30 am. At 5 am , I checked it again, and the flight was cancelled, and they have put me in the one that took of at 4:30 pm.

At 12 am, I had to check out of the hotel, so did I, and embark myself once again on a journey to the airport. I was prepared to fight imagined mills and knights ( as my fellow compatriot Don Quijote did) for the sake of FINALLY arriving to my room at Oglethorpe.

Well, this never happened. I waited and waited again, and 30 minutes before the boarding, a voice coming from somewhere announced that once again the flight was cancelled.At this point I admit, that I cried, it was for a second, but I could not hold me exasperation for a longer time. So I waited 1 hour and a half until it was my time to arrive at Delta ´s “help”( such an irony, laughing out aloud here) desk. I told the guy my story again. He was nice, he found me a flight from White Plains( first time I  have heard of it by the way) airport at 11:3o for tomorrow, I asked him again about Delta paying for my hotel, he laughed, kindly, but he laughed, instead, he gave me two vouchers . A 6 $ one  for eating ( that one was hilarious, taking into account that a mere sandwich cost almost 8 bucks) and the other one to get me to that airport. Before taking the taxi, I had to retry my luggage. Another queue. To my surprise and to fuel even more my anger, apparently my luggage is in Atlanta, because it was carried in the flight that did departure earlier than mine. WHY ON EARTH IS MY LUGGAGE IN THAT FLIGHT IF I´M NOT THERE? I ask myself.

At this point, I really thought about being the next nice neighbour that got crazy and killed someone (this always happens in the news, the better some one seems to be, the crazier they truly are).

Right now, I find myself in a hotel near the airport. EVEN MORE EXHAUSTED, ANGRY AND WITH EVEN MORE MURDEROUS THOUGHTS THAT ARE A PLAGUE IN MY MIND that before. I am going to try to sleep. If I get to Atlanta before growing grey hair I will keep you posted.