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I am blue, and is not precisely because I am that of a fan of Avatar. Actually, in my opinion, I believe is the same plot as Pocahontas; mixing a little bit of 3D animation, with weird elongated and yes, dodgy excuse of imitation of the Smurfs, without the funny part, and lots of colour( the best part, my inner artist says).

Well my point is, that I finally arrived in Atlanta last Wednesday and I feel a trifle bit nostalgic and home sick.

When I arrived at my dorm, my lovely roommates gave me great polar hugs, and when I entered the realm of my room, Talo was waiting for me in my bed ( huge pink elephant that I was given in Halloween, long story) and snow flakes, the ones that I missed, where hanging of my walls.

Nevertheless, I wish I had the gift of ubiquity, or that somebody would invent a machine to be in two places at the same time, so I could be both in Hogwarts and in Madrid at the same time, with all the people I love that are in both sides of the Pond. By the way, if you do it, please I thought it first, therefore I WANT MY MONEY!