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This is one of those days that you just do not want to wake up.

I believe in some remote part of my mind, I was hearing the alarm ringing, but I chose to ignore it, completely; therefore, I had 20 minutes to have a shower, have breakfast, wake up, groan out aloud because I was being late, and remember which class I was supposed to go to.

As you would imagine, or maybe not because you are just as asleep as I was this morning, everything went wrong.

I decided that I needed caffeine, if it was injected directly into my veins it would had been so much better, alas, I only had tea. After boiling the water, instead of doing what normal people do, I poured the liquid of life all over my fingers, and now I have lovely and fashionable red marks on them, oh and they hurt like hell.

The clouds thought it would be a great idea to release their drops, and of course, being my intelligent self, I forgot the umbrella in my room. So, my normally curly and somehow pretty hair, looks like an unruly mane that the proudest of lions would envy.

Because of the rain mentioned above, the floors were slippery, and me, clumsy by nature, accidentally french-kissed one of those floors.

All in all, I would like to encourage all the governments in the world, to propose a law that will forbid any type of work or tiring activity during rainy days and oblige the citizens  to sleep all day, eat chocolate, and drink hot beverages, preferably without scalding themselves in the process. If someone with a little bit of power in those matters is reading my words, please, MAKE IT HAPPEN.

P.S. If you did not know, I believe you should; according to one of my professors, “we are all involved in a constant chemical orgy”.