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Ayyyyy! I am having such a tough day. I woke up this morning, went to breakfast, and went back to sleep. I woke up, have lunch, and here I am, sitting next to Talo( gigantic pink elephant,I believe I have mentioned him in one of my other posts; I suppose someday I will post a picture, but I want to keep the suspense) and planning what to do today. I cannot express in words, how grateful I am that I do not have classes on Fridays; if I was not so sleepy I would be doing my best version of the happy dance.

Well, I think I have earned a day off after the longest day known to mankind that I had yesterday. I woke up at 8 and finish my classes at 6. I know, people who actually have a job, work longer hours that I do, but what can I say, recently I am experiencing my lazy side( but do not tell anyone, if not they will believe that stereotype about us Spaniards being a little bit idle).

Trust me it was a long day, basically, because my last class started with a presentation. One of my fellow comrades in the journey to knowledge started his with this phrase ” I was abducted by UFOs, were you?” and he started saying that basically aliens are everywhere, corn fields, MacDonald’s, and the one I like the most, in a Medieval Painting of the Annunciation in which God was depicted as a ray of Sun, he told us that thing on the sky was a Mars inhabitant( how does he know that I have no idea, I suppose the guy that abducted him was from there). To his credit, he was really passionate about it, and he even had a goatee beard. I do believe that there is life outside, somewhere in the universe, but I am not entirely sure that is in the form of green and weird shaped beings.

Well, nevertheless, I just came from Salsa dancing with wonderful company, so I do not really care about the creepy goated-bearded guys or the aliens of the world; I really hope you had fun too.