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Ughhh, I cannot describe how incredibly hateful thoughts doing the laundry inspire on me, especially here. It takes forever and further, almost two hours spent for the sake of having  Wonderful Expectations smelling clothes.  As it can be read in the back of this marvellous detergent, this is ” An uplifting scent combination of apple and mango that makes you want to dance”, well, if this combination was in the form of a refreshing smoothie/cocktail with a colourful parasol decorating it, I will definitely be beaming, but that, unfortunately for me, is not the case.  Then, you encounter the problem of finding quarters to make those lovely machines to get to work.  Begging for coins, is not my definition of fun.

In other news, we embarked this morning on the quest of finding a Mexican restaurant so my friend could fix her craving for Menudo( apparently is her best recipe for hangovers, I dunno, these Americans). After a frustrated attempt in which we found a place where the kitchen was not even open and that had a suspicious smell in the back, we arrive to a real Taquería. When I mean real, I mean that only Mexicans were there, therefore, they  were eyeing us with huge surprise. I am white, really white, I reiterate this, because a lot of people have asked me recently why I did not have dark skin; some people tend to have the misconception that when I say I am Spanish, they hear or believe that  I am saying I am from Mexico, well not, I mean I am from Spain.

After I started ordering in Spanish they relaxed a little bit, but we could sense the entire time gazes inflicted upon our backs. Being sincere I do not care.  My friend was really happy because after craving that food for months she finally got it, and well, for me,  let´s say that  we have a total different meaning for Menudos in Spain.

By the way, I need to share something with you. When I was ordering a mojito the other night, a really creepy guy started tweaking my nose so I asked him what on earth was he doing, and he answered me in a really menacing and flat tone ” Don´t you find me attractive?”. I was left speechless, promptly took my drink and walked as fast as I could to the realm of my dancing friends. Apparently this situation was really funny to the guy that was next to me in the bar, you see me smiling? nope, so at least, next time, be considerate, and do not start bursting out  laughing and clapping until I am gone.