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I was so euphoric this weekend,  light was shining,  birds were singing as if they were auditioning for a Disney Movie role, and I was jumping like Heidi and running through the sun kissed fields. I met a woman with a wonderful couple of furry and giant dogs;  it seems that they were as contented as me to be soaked  by the lovely weather.

The other passers-by probably thought I was a little bit in the loony side with a wide radiant smile planted on my lips, bright eyes, and my unruly hair mercifully blown by the wind. I felt like I was in the video of  Put Your Records On by Corinne Bailey Ray; (sigh) if only I had a bike and that beautiful melody as my soundtrack, it would have been perfect.

Apparently, all good things in life are bound to be ephemeral, therefore, yesterday, the gloominess came back. It is cold, everything is misty grey, and no sun rays in sight. I truly love storms, how powerful the force of nature appears to be compared to our smallness, the sounds, the different hues of colour showing in the vast immense of the sky ( when I start talking like this, and because of my dreamy and tormented spirit, my Dad tells me I should have been born during the age of XIX´Romanticism), but what we have today is just simple, dull, and non-inspiring grey.