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I feel like I am in an American Movie. Yesterday was the Home Coming Dance, and they held it in the gym, yes I know, such exclusivity and fancyness startled me too. Well, when I was back in Spain, I used to watch all these American Movies in which the really rebel and bad boy ( normally a guy from any Sport team, depends on the budget of the movie is either basketball, baseball or football) would bring to the dance the nerdy or artsy girl( once again depend on how much money the producers are willing to invest) as a date. To make the plot even more interesting, a feminine silhouette  appears in the arch of the entrance, suddenly everybody, really, I mean every twentysomething( it seems that the older you get, the easy is to get a role as a teenager in a movie/tv show), turns their heads and the apparently geeky girl appears totally transformed as a beautiful Swan. Then, there is a close-up of the former James Dean astound and perplexed by the vision. Afterwards, the girl takes like an hour to walk down the stairs and meet his secret crush. When she finally arrives, the jock say something really original such as ” Oh Janey, you look, hmm, different”, then they dance, the noise fades, romantic music starts to play and they kiss( the producers really believe that it is crucial that they shoot from every angle possible when they are contented locking lips ).

To add a little drama, the most popular girl in the school ( normally blonde and blue-eyed, captain of the cheerleaders quad), as she is secretly jealous of the former ugly duckling, tells her that the stud only took her out because of a bet lost to his intellectual sporty comrades. Then the betrayed girl runs as fast as she can to her house. Even if a torrent of fake induced tears are pouring from her eyes, her make up stays intact. When she is debating the sense of her life, his father appears and asks her what happened. She tells the story, he hugs her, and march to the basement to take the rifle to shoot the guy. Even if she is heartbroken, she stops her father and they embrace again, with the promise that everything will be alright.

The next day, thanks to her blond nemesis, everybody in school knows about the bet, and the main character is the aim of all those vicious  stares and comments. The poor guy is devastated, and after a minute and half he starts grovelling at her feet. To bring even more tension, the girl says no, well after five long minutes, she says yes. The positive soundtrack comes again, they live happy for ever after and the mean girl gets hit by a bus.

Back to my Home Coming Dance, the theme was supposed to be a normal dance club. But Oglethorpe is different; we had a giant flamingo dressed woman who hit me with her feathers, and a  guy ingesting swords. I really do not know at what type of club the organisers go usually, if they believe that those strange chaps are the everyday occurrence in these events.

 I really do NOT want to know…