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                She was looking at the vast nothingness displayed in front of her. Her long hair was moved in gentle sways by the wind. Her dress was tore and with a mud like quality to it because she had worn it too many times. She was really white, her skin almost translucent when reflected in the sea. She was alone, she knew that, she had felt that dreadful constricted emotion in her heart not long ago.

She could not move, she could not think, she just was standing there waiting for something, for someone to come and wake her from that oblivion she made herself fell into. She seemed to remember everything, but at the same time she was not able to make those thoughts to resurface again. The sea weaves were roaring as if they were trying to catch her attention, trying to deliver that message she could not decipher even if her life depended upon on it.

Tears were tracing the path from her eyes to her cheeks, she could not stop them. She knew she should be cold, the storm was boiling in the sky, but none of that mattered. It must be stopped. It simply must.