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I was staring at the Lady of the Wall when a thought struck me. This is going to be the first Birthday that I do not spend my sister with. She is going to achieve the quarter of a century and I have a huge Pond between us that does not allow me to go and hug her, even if she is not much a Hugs type of girl. This is one of those days that I miss my family the most, and I am not entirely sure if it was such a great idea to distance myself from them for the sake of a new experience but most important for the sake of a better education and therefore better opportunities for the future.

So, if you see my sister Cris, please hug her/worship her/ run for your lives because she is going to be the next to Dominate/ Rule the World and even if she is only five and twenty, she is more than capable of accomplishing everything that it is on her mind;  and sometimes she has a twisted weird sense of humor, and that folks, is when the running for your lives part comes…