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IT IS HERE. That time of the year when your social life becomes non-existent, when you start thinking that sleeping is overrated or for those of a weak and cowardly lazy nature; and those purplish coloured bags under your eyes become your trade beauty mark and no amount of concealer/ ice smashed into the troubling spot/ industrial painting makes them diminish. Of course, we must not forget the manic tendencies when you seriously start considering punching in the face (or other body part that you have experienced in your own flesh that hurts even more) that guy/girl who tries extremely hard to take out the worst out of you.

The next phase is that you turn into a bipolar mess with no clue nor direction. One moment you are hyper laughing like a loony hyena, doing flips on the quad or running at 3 am in the track and suddenly, in the snap of someone´s fingers you curl into a fetal position and cry because you are extremely tired but you find yourself totally unable to drift into sleep.

 So folks, if someone says to you that college days are the best ones of your life, you are totally entitled to return to your bipolar mode, laugh like a hyena and punch them in the face.