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FINALLY! This week from Hell is finished. I look like a Panda, and for instance, not a cute one.  But you know what, I do not care at all. I am going to be able to get out of my cave and see the sun again( apparently not, is cloudy, but I am sticking to it, I suppose I can always put a picture of the sun with a really bright light behind it and voilà,  the problem is solved) , I am going to be able not to drink gargantuan amounts of coffee every five minutes and pinch myself/ knock my head on the wall in order not to fall sleep, I am going to stop having that tick in my eye (that projects the image that I am crazy, or just a trifle maniac) because of so many hours spent staring at the screen of my computer.

I am going to be able to jump, to run, to smile without looking drunk or high( side effect of me being sleepless, I start developing this scary and non-stopping incredible hyena-like laugh) and if Morpheus is merciful, he will receive me with his arms wide open and fluffy pillows to rest my head on. In definitive, yay for Fridays!