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It is Spring! Or at least it seems so. The flowers are blooming, the birds are singing, the sun caresses my curls while the wind makes them swing.  After reading what I have just written, some twisted mind( not mine of course) may think that I have been ingesting some type of  happy pills. I truly have not, that I can recall at least.

It is Spring indeed, but I am talking about Spring Break. I decided to make a quick trip to Madrid and visit those that say they are my parents( we had this funny conversation in dinner with my mum saying something about me, something involving being born under a bridge, and something about the gas bottle delivery man).

Well, I am really deviating from what I wanted to say. We were having dinner in a restaurant near my house when we saw a familiar face. It was the son of one of our old neighbours; and sigh, the love of my life. Seriously life, fate, the universe, or however you want to call it, has the most amazing twisted sense of humor. I was five, he was seven. He was the cutest kid in the neighbourhood and I had all my future planned in my countless diaries with the beautiful blonde kids, the huge dog and the white fence. Well let´s say that all my child´s dreams are shattered.

I hope that you can remember that I am fun sized( yes people, is the nicest way to say that I am short), well, I was taller by half the size of my head than him, and all the cuteness has escaped him, ENTIRELY. I am so happy that everything remained platonic.

PS: It is true that dogs are the spitting image of the owners. Pipa is every bit as beautiful as me, but most important, she is also as clumsy as the one that is boring you with her ramblings. I fell the other day going from the library to the cafeteria, she just have run into the sofa, several times.