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In the Ancient World, people admired almost with sacred-like reverence the Seven Wonders. Antipater of Sidon, a mighty interesting fellow if I may add, travelled all around the Globe and chose seven buildings and structures that because of their ability to making the human individuals fall struck in awe should be part of the “I am going to make you feel marvelled” list.

A few years ago if I can recall, there was a quest to find the Eighth Wonder of the New World, with representatives from different cultures such as the Great Wall of China or La Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain. Of course, La Alhambra should have won, not because it is placed in the land that saw me grew, but because its enchanting gardens will make you being transported with delight to a magic spot from you will never want to get back.

Well, back to my point, I believe I have found the  Eighth Wonder of the World, in America, in Oglethorpe, in my very common room. I was lying on the couch reading some nonsensical poor excuse of a banter that someone sent me by email, when Annie, one of my roommates, God bless her, brought me a piece of the aforementioned Marvel. It was a cookie, inside of a cookie! I could not contain my excitement when I gave the first bite, and all that glorious sugar started melting in my mouth. It was simply wonderful!.

I am the first to confess that I love food, specially the one coming from Spain and cooked by my mum, and that I am not entirely fond of american dishes( before any American feels outraged by this confession, I am still learning and I have not being to a lot of places in this vast country) .Albeit my reluctance to admit that American food is sometimes delicious, I can tell you that they really know how to make drop dead yummy desserts.