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I am truly exhausted. Finals are coming and they decide it would be best if they do it at the same time, all of them. The sun is shining and the birds are singing, but next week I will only be able to experience this marvellous weather through the depressing glasses of the 24 hour room, otherwise I can always return to my cave, also known as the hole under the cupboard ala Harry Potter, or also known as my room, in the furthest dorms, in the furthest floor, the fourth one.

Well, this stress that is dragging me down to somewhere, I do not know where yet; has been momentarily vanished by two deliciously wicked spoonfuls, and the ones that will definitely come back later, of frozen yoghurt. Tis is the best food ever, fresh, yummy and even healthy someone says.

The treat  is almost over, and the tears of frustration and tiredness are threatening to come back to my eyes. Well, I suppose I can always eat a little bit more and everything will get vastly better, or at least that is what I am trying to make myself believe…