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Good afternoon Dear World!

Today is going to be a confession´s day. As I have been already writing for months I believe it is about time that I share with you some facts about my personality:

1)I am clumsy by nature. I am truly able to fall in the most unexpected situations to the point that once I literally embraced the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid.

2) It is confirmed but thoroughly proved sources that I sigh in Spanish.

3) I cannot help myself and laugh out loud when I watch a “horror/scary” movie. I love the girl from The Exorcist, she is too funny.

4)I love jumping like Heidi.

5) I love dogs. Even the ugly ones.

6)I am a pretty good listener. If I do not answer you is not because I am not interested in what you are saying or because I am spacing out, it is rather because I am deeply in thought of what You need to be said.

7)I drink coffee with cereal. So what?

8) I swear in Spanish. Sometimes you need to.

9)The small bottle I carry to breakfast is olive oil. I put it on my toast.

10)My hair has its own personality. But it is a pretty cool one!

11) I can maintain conversations in Furby language.

12)Clowns freak me out. That is what happens when you watch the movie ” IT” when you are seven years old and then  have to sleep next to a painting depicting a clown at your grandparent´s home.

13) I would like to be friends with Stewie and Yoda.

14)I cannot, I reiterate CANNOT, stand people who talk about themselves in the third person.

15) People laugh at me, apparently I am really funny.