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I do not know if you remember, but a couple of months ago I had some problems with the American Authorities as you can read in here. If you do not want to read it, do not worry, I am going to tell the story again.

Long story, short. When my parents wanted to do the monthly payment to the university, the transference was denied by the American Authorities alleging that they could not approve it because I was a Mexican terrorist. Me? really, if I was a terrorist all the twisted plans would be doom because despite being a clever, witty, and with a great head over her shoulders lady,  I am clumsy as someone could be; and I suppose that clumsiness is not exactly the characteristic that terrorist head hunters are looking for. Well, this woman has the same name as me, or quite similar and you know what, I am not surprised. My name is the epitome of the Spanish name, to compare it with American standards, I am John Smith.

My sister was supposed to arrive yesterday. She was flying from Madrid to Miami, and from Miami to Atlanta. When she was passing the Police control they took her to one of those rooms that you only think yo will step into if you were in a spies movie. She was accused of being the sister of a terrorist. If you have not understand it yet, I am supposed to be the terrorist, and Cris, being my sister, consequently is the sister of a terrorist.

After telling them several times that she had no problems with the authorities and that certainly she was not the sister of a terrorist, they let her go. Obviously, she missed her flight, the next one was overbooked so she had to wait until the last one, arriving at Hogwarts in the early hours of today.

What I cannot understand, that me, being the alleged terrorist I have never been stopped in the airport the times I have come back and forth from Spain. Maybe they were trying to be clever and had the marvellous idea of, ” oh, maybe if we snatch the sister, the horrible drugs cartel woman will appear” or maybe they were being thick. I am leaning towards the second explanation, and once again dearest American Authorities, I am not a terrorist, I swear!