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***WARNING***This post contains potentially funny albeit stupid stories(images included).

As I told you in my last post, my extremely dangerous and possible threat to the security of the Nation sister, Cris was here last week. After several attempts of doing the ” I am going to hold the camera, ay, only half of your face is showing, wait, move a little bit to the right, no, to the left, yes,!” , we finally got a cute capture in the top of the Sun Dial; if you have never been there, and if you are from Atlanta or planning to visit the city at any time, you should definitely go. It is a restaurant that spins over its axis( if you get dizzy when you are in a car or other motion device, you might not want to give it a try)  and you find yourself with a marvellous view of all the main monuments and attractions that the capital of the land of the Peaches has to offer; and as you can see in the picture, they have this delicious beverage which main ingredient is chocolate, pure, simple and did I say yummy Godiva chocolate.

Ok, so after the first day she was staying with me, I discovered that the purpose of her trip was quite different from what I had imagined, she did not cross the Atlantic and risked being put to jail to come and visit her wonderful little sister. No, her goal was a much more devious one. My father entrusted her with a pesky and life threatening mission. Let my explain in further detail.

Through our interminable conversations via Skype, my dad had become enamoured with Talo. He has developed an extremely unhealthy obsession with the huge pink with vacant eyes, elephant. Every time I talked to him, his first phrase would be concerning the welfare of our fifth roommate. Well, the difficult mission that was put in the hands of my sister, was to bring the elephant back to Madrid.

The first thing that my sister said when she saw it was: holy shit, it´s huge! At that time, I had a great  ja!, I told you! moment.  I had told them uncountable times that it was quite bigger than me, they did not believe me. My sister spent the week plotting how on earth she was going to bring Talo back. It was a really stressful time for her, as my dad had told her before she got on the plane, with his severe and serious I used to be in the Army dad voice – if you do not bring back the elephant, do not bother to come back.

After hours and hours of brainstorming and discarding the option of bringing it as hand luggage( it may not fit in the plane compartment) she had the brilliant idea of killing it. While I was unsuccessfully trying to write a research paper, she was brutally gutting the poor elephant. As you can see in the graphic evidence, she removed all the stuffing and left a pitiful pile of huge eyes and purple pink skin.

After I left my sister on her way to the airport, I went back to my room and kept doing homework. At night, I was so tired, I decided to pour me a nice cup of sleepy- time tea. I did pour the  water. All over my hand. Now I have this beautiful purplish mark on my left hand. I thought my level of clumsiness/stupidity could not be worse. I was wrong.