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Today it is my last day in Atlanta. It is the end, c´est fini, se acabó. My year at Hogwarts has expired. At this very time tomorrow I will be crossing the Pond on my way back home.

Home. My definition for this word has changed completely during recent times. I used to think that home was the house where I grew up in. The house that saw me morphing from a little and short curled hair child, into a woman, with still curly hair, albeit a couple of inches longer. I am not entirely sure of this any more.

Home, is no longer a physical place, home is a place in which I can find everyone I love. I no longer believe that home is my home in Madrid where I live with my parents. Home is where I can encounter not only my family, but also my friends, those that I know since I was that little  girl, and those that I made while already being a woman.

It is so difficult to say good-bye. Tons and tons of songs and poems have tried to express this words, most of the times failing miserably. Two words. You, me, everyone says them at least a couple of times every day, but in this case they are quite more definitive.

I am saying good-bye not only to my year travelling abroad, to the wonderful people who I met, but also this is the closure of a stage of my life. The 6th of May is my graduation from college. It seems so strange, four years has passed and I find myself with the need of dealing what my dad likes to call ” real life”. The yearned future is finally here, and truly, I have no idea of what to do with my life.

At this moment, I do not know how I feel. I am sad because all the people who I met this year, but at the same time I am happy to see my family and my friends in Spain, and of course I am really looking forward to seeing Pipa again so she can inspire me with her craziness.

It has been such a great year. For all the people who have been there for me ,I just want to say you : THANK YOU!.

By the way, paraphrasing the oh so great Terminator, I´ll be back!