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Well, after hours and hours and more hours crossing the Pond, I finally arrived in Madrid. After a little bit of  time spent back at home, I can note some of the changes that had happened while I was studying magic in Hogwarts:

1) My dad is no longer the proud owner of a moustache. He still wants to be referred as captain. He spoiled the present that I had planned for him for months and months. A marvellous and super cool ” mustache combs”.

2)Pipa is still crazy and fortunately, she is still crazy about me. I did not like that much when at seven AM. she started jumping on my exhausted body.

3)I cannot stop laughing at something my dad confessed to me. He has developed a liking not only to one, but to two soap operas!

4) My mum still dances as ” they taught her in Cuba” ( a lot of weird pelvis movements are involved).

5)Pipa has grown into a well behaved young lady. Well, that is not exactly true, but my father is teaching her manners in German, why? I have no idea. I like her exactly the way she is.

6)I miss the cafeteria food so much that I have been eating extremely delicious food since the first step that I put into the country.

7) Well folks, I am going back to sleep, jet lag is still going strong, but with sleep and the aforementioned yummy food I believe I´ll defeat him!