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Well, ladies and gentlemen, I am officially graduated. Since yesterday morning you can all refer to me as Señorita Licenciada. In the photo, you can see my marvellous and truly beautiful Pipa, and me, if you do not know yet, the newly graduated. I am only going to post this picture with my great dress, because as my cousin kindly told me when he saw me dressed with the gown and all the paraphernalia, ” you look like a nun”. I do not have anything against nuns, but I just do not want to be confused with one, even if it is for a special occasion. 

The event was interminable to say the least. Every time we thought it was going to end soon, someone would stand up and share a “short” speech; and then I was truly scared to death that I was going to trip while going up the stairs to receive my diploma. My sister lent me a pair of lovely albeit extremely high heels, and I entrusted myself to all the saints I know, so they could help me and allow me not to fall and keep my dignity intact.

All in all was wonderful, I graduated with all my friends and my family as witnesses. I did not stumble but I did find myself this morning with a great hangover ( we have finished college people, and I have not ingested delicious sangría in a while).

Some of the words spoken were quite moving and made me reflect upon the impeding future that I cannot postpone anymore. I am so lost. I do not know what to do with my life just yet, any suggestions?