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When did orange started to be an acceptable colour for skin? I asked myself while  enjoying this beautiful almost summery weather. It seems that when the sun starts to make a permanent appearance, hordes and hordes of women all over the world, and some men I should add, immerse themselves in the same pot as Obelix did when he was a measly infant. I should add that the outcome is quite different; they do not start having magical and extreme physical strength, they rather acquire what is supposed to be a healthy tan that ends looking like the perfect carrot Nº5 glow.

It seems that the story about Cinderella that our parents told us when we were little girls with pigtails and freckles, that story that made us sigh with longing that one day the blue prince with the golden locks would come and sweep us off our feet, that very story, has changed almost to be unrecognisable.

It seems that modern Cinderellas do not use the pumpkins as magical motion devices, instead they decided a while ago that it would be so much better to put them on their faces.

As I want to be in the height of the current issues, I made a photo of how would I look if I succumbed to this questionable fashion of applying smashed cheetos to someone´face. Apparently I do not suit the orange glow, at all.

On the bright side, my teeth look whiter, my skintone matches the pillow on the back and I finally can be casted to be on Jersey Shore!