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Last year I decided to embrace my geriatric side, and yesterday I decided it was about time to do it again. My London adopted sister Angy is gracing us with her presence this weekend, and my cousin Miguel, a future renown architect, or so I am told, is spending the week too; therefore we decided we needed to do something fun or at least different( different being the key part of all the Bingo experience thing).We ate our weight in typical Spanish dishes and afterwards we embarked on the quest of finding the  right numbers so we could have the epic pleasure of shouting Bingo!.

The place was the same as I remembered it. It was full of lovely and adorable elderly people, and so not lovely and adorable elderly people. You still could breathe something quite indescribable in the air, it definitely has a Je ne sais quoi quality to it that seems to impregnate every cell of your nostrils.

Well, my cousin was perplexed to say the least, but little by little he was imbued by the Bingo fever and started to have that psycho gleam in his eyes that possesses everyone who dares to step into a Bingo realm. As I told you the last time, we were diverted by other account. There were three people reciting, this time the one who was a call girl who believed numbers are the sexiest creatures ever was a guy, the other, a retired call girl who no longer believed numbers to be the sexiest creatures ever was also a guy and this time, there was no one whose voice sounded as if he was dying.

For once, one of those traditional sayings, that each of us hear at least a thousand times in our lives, became true. The one that says that if you are lucky in the games of chance, then you are going to be unlucky in the love affairs. Well, ladies and gentlemen, as you can see in the photo, I shouted at the tops of my lungs line and earned 15 euros. I am not so lucky in the boyfriend´s department  but apparently I am destined for becoming a millionaire!