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It has been a month and a half since I came back home. I was rereading my posts when I came across the one that I wrote before taking the flight that will bring me back to Spain. In those words I tried, albeit failing miserably, to convey the troubled state in which I found myself. The problem is that, I hope you pardon me for using such colloquial language, I still do not have a clue of what I should be doing with my life, not in the personal nor in the professional department. I feel a little bit, how to phrase it, disoriented and confused.

I was listening to ” Home” by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros ( you should hear it, both the lyrics and the melody are amazing and so fitting to the way I feel right now); and remembered, yes sometimes I do forget about it, that I should be happy because I am extremely blessed, I have a loving and caring family, friends, a healthy body and a clear mind. It is almost funny how much time I, how much we, spend worrying over trivial things such as our personal appearance, does that guy/girl think that I am too fat, too ugly, too stupid?; worrying over financial matters, do I have enough money to buy those marvellous shoes/ insert any other item you do not really need?

We spend so much time worrying over, speaking bluntly, stupid affairs; that we start forgetting how to enjoy a smile, a simple walk with your dog, the joy of the sun bathing your eyes, or as these wise lyrics sing, the simple joy of Laugh until we think we´ll die, barefoot on a summer night…