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I was walking back home from work when I saw this fluffy,cuddly and adorable dog. It was the spitting image of my dear hound Pipa. I was quite tempted to just run and hug her, but I refrained my impetuous self when I saw the owner. It was this lovely English old lady, and before you ask, yes, she was the epitome of the Iconic British lady, the one you envision in your young days with the white mane of hair, the half-smile and the serene demeanor.

Well, I really miss my dog, even when she wakes me up at 7 AM on a supposedly lazy summer morning. I always cringe at people who say loving your pets is stupid, I do believe that most dogs are much more well-behaved, huggable and kissable than a lot of humans.

I made this video of Pipa and me while I was still in Atlanta, as the situation is similar, there is an ocean, albeit a smaller distance, separating us, I thought it was fitting for the moment, so here it is: